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Mr Sunil Vispute - Renowned Sports Psychologist
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Interview with Mr. Sunil Vispute | Renowned Sports Psychologist

Zoom Cricket Interviewer: Welcome to our show, where we will be discussing the Success Mantra for cricket players. We have a special guest today, Mr. Sunil Vispute, a Renowned Sports Psychologist, who has designed a FREE course specifically aimed at programming the Cricketer’s subconscious mind for Success. Thank you for joining us, Sunil Sir. Sunil […]

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Cricketers Success Mantra! Master the Art of Mind Games | By Sunil Vispute

Cricket is a sport which requires a lot of mental strength, being such a competitive game where thousands and lakhs of cricketers across various age groups are pursuing the sport sharing the same dream of making it into IPL or Indian team, it can certainly take a toll on your mindset if you can’t manage […]

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